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1 - 10 how happy are you with your body?
1 - 10 how happy is your horse with your body?


Hey, hey!! Thanks for visiting! My name is Katie and I'm a qualified naturopath. I listen to your bodies story and identify through how your body presents itself:

  • What you are lacking nutritionally
  • How stress is showing up in and on your body
  • What support it needs to thrive both from your diet, lifestyle and from herbs and supplements. 

If you want your horse to be its best, as its dance partner, shouldn't you be as well?

Stress and disease is how we as naturopaths understand your genes without doing any genetic testing. Genes get switch on with stress to create disease and from this we can identify your constitutional weaknesses and strengths, what your body struggles with and also as a result under what circumstances your body thrives under. 

"Why did this happen to me? Why can all my friends eat whatever they want and I have all these problems?"

Does this sound familiar? I don't think I have had a single client that hasn't said this to me. I know that how our body shows up for us can be the biggest frustration in our lives, especially when we are busy, stressed and already have a lot on our plate. Having something go wrong in our body is just one more thing that we don't need to deal with right now. However, this is generally WHEN it shows up.


Stress, systemic inflammation, nutritional deficiencies and hyperpermiability of the gut (aka leaky gut) all serve to "switch on" our genes for disease. It is during these times of stress and overwhelm that we need the most support, from our diet, from our lifestyle choices, from our friends and family and from ourselves. We need to listen to how this stress is showing up in our body. It is literally our genes communicating with us and telling us what our body can and can't cope with and what food we need to support our meatsuit to keep it functioning at its best. 


How is stress showing up in your life and your body today? Maybe you notice a bit of indigestion and bloat after eating? Or skin rashes and acne breakouts? Do you have problems with insomnia and anxiety? Or maybe problems with your menstrual cycle? Or maybe your health just hasn't been the same since that one time you were really sick with a virus? This is your body communicating to you that it is lacking something vital to .... well .... vitality. Bouncing off the walls, brilliant, healthy vitality, where you have energy and enthusiasm to take on your day, to handle all the things, bring your A game daily and show up for your family in your world. 

What is a naturopath?

A naturopath is a practitioner who uses herbs, nutrition and lifestyle as their medicine. While this may seem a bit hippy dippy to some people and like pseudoscience to others, we spend years at school studying the anatomy and physiology and underlying biochemical pathways that are affected by environmental factors and phytonutrients. It is not our job to diagnose but to support a system (your meatsuit) that at one point or another seems to have derailed itself from optimal function and is sacrificing certain aspects of your health to keep you alive. Our job is give the body what it needs to get back on track and recover the functions that have been lost or disrupted. 

Why herbs and nutrition?

Our bodies have evolved over a millennia to use what it had at its disposal which was taken from the environment in the form of plants and other animals, water, sun and rest to recover from illness. Herbs, plants and foods are the most bioavailable and least noxious way of helping our bodies regain what has been lost to stress. When it is estimated 68% of disease in the US is diet related, with Australia not far behind, is it too hard to believe that more than half of disease can be treated with diet and lifestyle choices? 

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.58.10 pm.png

Meet my boy Lachy. He is a bit special. 

Recently he developed a lump on his gums. When I took him to the vet I was told it was a benign tumour. It will continue to grow and when it becomes too big and uncomfortable we can get it cut out. Other than that, there isn't anything else we can do. 

This is so common to hear. What they mean is there is no drug therapy available. However there is plenty we can do nutritionally and with herbs and supplements. 

So I overhauled their diet. After 2 weeks on their new diet, I got home late and was tired and fed them their old food. The picture on the right was his gums the next morning. The picture on the left was his gums the following morning after 1 night on his new formulated diet. Even though I knew the power of food, I had no idea that 1 meal could make this big of a difference. This is a perfect visual representation of systemic inflammation, how food contributes to it and how it can switch on genetic predispositions. While I will not say that I can cure him of his tumour, I can at the very least slow its progress and my fingers are crossed that it will shrink in size. 

lachys gums 11:9:17.JPG

Sometimes it is hard

In some cases it can be an easy fix. Sometimes the symptoms can be as simple as a vitamin or mineral deficiency, easily corrected with a supplement. But a lot of the time it is more complicated. Which is why you need the supervision of a qualified practitioner. A lot of the time it is the cascading effects of a body adapting to try and protect itself from a stressor whether it be nutritional, environmental, emotional, mental or otherwise. And we need to support and reverse these effects to get you back to your optimal health. Sometimes it will have taken years of slow progression for your health to get to where it is today and so it can take months, sometimes years to get it back to where it was. When we grow up in a culture where you get sick, you get a pill and you get better this can make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes hard. It can be hard to believe that food could help you, it can be hard to believe that herbs can help when you don't understand the complex workings of the phytochemicals interacting with your biochemistry, it can be hard to believe that a nutritional deficiency can have such a big impact on your health.  But they do, and your naturopath can dig in and help you establish the root cause, understand your body and build out your health again. 

Meet your naturopath


Hi my name is Katie and I am passionate about the biochemistry of plants, human bodies and there interaction. I have to be honest before I studied I was a bit dubious about how effective herbal medicine and nutrition actually could be in disease management but now it just seems like common sense. Our bodies have spent thousands of years adapting to its environment and learning to use what it had access to, to survive.

    2 things I learnt while studying :

    • Most pharmaceutical drugs are derived from/extracted from or created to replicate a particular chemical from a plant that has therapeutic effects on our body. 
    • Not only do plants contain valuable vitamins and minerals but they also contain a complex mixture of phytonutrients which the body uses for anything from tissue repair, to pain relief, to anti inflammation, brain function and everywhere in between. 
    "A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings" Hippocrates

    Whether your goals are to manage your health more effectively or naturally or to improve your overall vitality and wellness, I can help you on the road to achieving your goals. 

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