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The ULTIMATE Horse Rider Challenge

Do you take your health and fitness as serious as you take the health and fitness of your horses? 

Your fitness, agility and balance in the saddle plays an integral role in how well your horse can perform. Horse riding is like dancing and your horse is your dance partner. If you focus all of your efforts on your partners dancing and none on you than you become the limiting factor in your horses potential, not your horse. You need a strong, centered, supple core to develop your independent seat so that you can follow your horses movement and not limit their movement.

  • Keen to get the edge on your competition?

  • Or are you stuck with your training and don't know how to break through a training block

  • Or are you just looking to improve your overall health and fitness?

If you are ready to step up and show your horse what you are capable of check out my health, fitness and nutrition programs and transform yourself into the horse riding athlete you dream of becoming.

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3 Week Challenge

Dip your toes into your potential and try out my 3 week challenge. From 3 weeks alone participants felt less bloated, stronger and more balanced. See what's involved here. 

3 month ultimate horse riding athlete

This is for those of you ready to take the industry by storm. If you are ready to take your riding and your health seriously this program is for you. Check out the program details here.