Equestrian Spirit

Do what makes your heart sing

Hi! I'm Katie and I am a horse riding instructor, trainer and naturopath for you - 

I live and breath horses, herbs, health and nutrition

Are you looking for a supportive and nurturing coach who can not only help you achieve your riding goals but also your health and fitness goals that will make you a better rider?

Get ready to make some big changes and take control of your relationship with your horse, your body and food. 


Horse Riding Lessons

  • $50/hr
  • Your horse, your property or approved riding facility
  • Qualified and professional
  • Registered and insured
  • 10 years experience

What you can expect

All lessons vary according to the needs of the horse and rider involved. Before your first lesson you will need to fill in a registration and indemnity form and paddock safety analysis for the suitability of the riding area. 

Our first lesson together is a getting to know each other lesson. It allows me to make an assessment of individual needs of the horse and rider and also the horse and rider combination. The lessons follow a training scale of building blocks which start on the ground and build up to work under saddle. Quite often when riders are experiencing a problem under saddle, the same issues are presenting themselves on the ground. By addressing these concerns on the ground and then building them up to under saddle and then working through the paces, we can methodically correct the initial concern. Throughout the process we address handling and riding skills and use exercises to improve the riders skill set. We will also address the horses level of education and understanding, emotional and physical state and exercises to improve them. Generally these exercises compliment each other and will simultaneously benefit both horse and rider. 

After our first lesson we will prioritise the exercises into the most achievable by the rider and most important for the horse. In some scenarios I may introduce the exercise to the horse until the horse is confident with it before the rider attempts it to ensure the safety and confidence of both horse and rider (I'm happy to be the test dummy when you're nervous). Between lessons you will be able to practise the exercises and show me how well or in some cases how badly it has gone in our next lesson.


  • $75/hr
  • Confidential, supportive and educational
  • Rebates available
  • Qualified, insured and registered with professional governing body ANPA
  • 3 years experience

What you can expect

Before attending you first consultation you will receive a form containing a comprehensive system review. From this I will get a snap shot of how your body is working and how your condition may be expressed as weaknesses in other systems that you might otherwise be unaware of. 

In your first consultation we will more thoroughly look into your presenting concerns, diet, lifestyle and other symptoms that will help us plan a treatment program. This program will include dietary and lifestyle factors that may need to be tweaked and usually a prescription of herbs and supplements. Quite often your symptoms can be an expression of nutritional deficiencies. Even though you may have a healthy diet certain factors such as poor digestion, poor soil quality and even stress can lead to nutritional deficiencies. I have been trained within the naturopathic discipline to read these symptoms and understand what you body is trying to communicate that it is lacking and hopefully reverse this presentation. The herbs prescribed are potentised extracts and can help realign your biochemical constitution to bring you back to health, or at the very least the best version of yourself you can be.

Certain chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease can be reversed with adequate nutrition and herbs. However in some cases through periods of stress a genetic coding can get "switched on". In these situations particularly autoimmune conditions or when the body is cancering we cannot "cure" the condition but can manage the symptom picture acutely and give the body adequate nutrition to manage the condition, support the immune system and body as a whole and encourage the unhealthy cells to be replaced by healthy ones.