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  • Are you ready to transform your health and riding, to sculpt your body and become the ultimate horse riding athlete?

  • Do you want an easy to follow program that will improve your strength, fitness, agility and coordination in the saddle, give you a deep understanding on how to heal your body with food and slow the aging process and the 7 easy to ride exercises that will have your horse working in self carriage not fake carriage so that your training supports their mental and musculoskeletal health instead of damaging it?

  • Do you know that your balance, fitness and riding capabilities are limiting your horses performance and you are ready to take your health and fitness seriously so you can move past your limiting riding blocks?

Introducing The Ultimate Horse Riding Athlete

A focused and proven plan to create your best possible health, core strength and rider training skills so that you can scale your training quickly and easily with your horses best interest at heart and become the best horse rider you can be.

Transform yourself into the ultimate horse riding athlete so that you can create a relationship with your horse that makes other people say "wow, I want what you have" instead of you saying "how do i get what they have?"

Do You 

  • Feel like you're spinning your wheels with your riding, stuck always learning the same thing, never making any progress?
  • Have a strong, bold horse that always seems to get its own way? When you finish up riding you feel flat and deflated because it feels like you are always fighting.
  • Want to do it right from the beginning so that you don't have to unlearn and untrain incorrect habits for both you and your horse? Would you like to have a clearer overview of your purpose, your direction and your training objections using a training scale that develops solid foundations and allows you to scale the levels quicker and easier?
  • Feel like your own health and fitness could be better and may be a limiting factor in your ability to succeed?
  • Want to better understand your body, how to eat to nourish your body and how to unlock the wisdom of using plants for nutrition to better support you and your loved ones health?
  • Want to unlock the intricacies of you and your horses biochemistry and biomechanical make up so that you are not always fighting yourself and your horses body but able to apply your knowledge to inspire sensitive, positive reactivity to your aids, use your exercises to develop the musculoskeletal health of your horse and lengthen their riding career?

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Purchase the 3 month course today, pay and save $190. What would you give to not only be able to transform your health, vitality AND fitness that is SPECIFIC to improving your riding skills (this alone will improve not only your riding but also your quality of life) AND get a birds eye view of THE exercises you need to be using to support the musculoskeletal health AS well as the mental and emotional health of your horse to prolong their riding career and soundness AND create self carriage that unlocks your horses freedom to move instead of inhibiting and grounding movement. 

Buy the course now for $997 and get started on the first months training. 


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How could your life and your riding transform if you could solve all these problems and more?

I am opening the Equestrian Spirit Ultimate Horse Riding Athlete 3 month course for a limited time to a select group of people who have shown me that they are dedicated to doing the work that is needed to transform their riding and their life. You are one of those people! 

By going through the challenge, participating in the tasks, and applying what you have learnt to your life and your riding you have proven to me that you have what it takes to blossom in this course. 

I want to offer you a spot in this program to continue to develop and hone your skill not only as a horse rider but holistically taking into account your individual needs to create your own health and fitness. The program will go deeper into the finer details of the nutritional properties and foods and will continue with the development of your fitness specific to your riding muscles. It will also incorporate my unique application of horse training exercises that inspire our horse to work with us instead of against us and using the training scale for correct musculoskeletal development. 

4 Month course content

  • Weekly meal plan and shopping list
  • 4 new recipes each month that continue to build on the list of recipes from the challenge, helping you to integrate a whole food diet into your lifestyle
  • Monthly exercise development that continues to build up the fitness established in the challenge 
  • Monthly training modules focusing on creating solid foundations in your horse musculoskeletal development to quickly and easily scale to new heights in your training.
  • Monthly nutritional focus on a specific aspect of your body and what foods nourish and support it and how to integrate them into your meal plan.
  • Monthly exercise to set your intentions for each month of what habits you want to stick to, what goals you want to achieve and what skills you want to hone

Bonus material

  • Monthly training call where we can get together in a Q and A format and review how your months lessons are applying in real life scenarios and problem solve through the issues that are coming up for you.
  • Private facebook group where we can support each others goals, give advice and support when you are stuck behind a training block, give inspiration to just digging in and getting work done and the opportunity to share your wins amongst a group of people who are doing the same training as you
  • Access to other bonus material that I create along the way that will help simplify the process

Course content


  • Reduce your toxic load, systemic inflammation and eat your way to health.
  • Heal and seal your gut, how the integrity and permeability of the intestinal tract membrane is integral to your health, how it gets damaged and how to repair it.
  • Supporting elimination pathways, how the natural detoxification processes can get overwhelmed and compromised and how this can make you feel tired and yucky.
  • Adrenal and energy support, supporting and creating natural energy and building energy reserves so that you don't tap out your energy tank on a daily basis and have the enthusiasm and vitality to take care of your responsibilities while still being able to look after yourself and your needs.


  • Rhythm and tempo, how to create and balance energy and forwardness so that we can create ground coverage without speed. Creating elastic, fluid, balanced movement.
  • Flexion and bend, how to create suppleness in a way that supports core strength and not crookedness. The common mistakes made when training bend that comprise the integrity of the musculoskeletal system and lead to irregular stride, difficulty with maneuverability and crooked development of topline muscle which makes it close to impossible to progress through the training scales.
  • Changes in length of frame, how to create self carriage and balance. The common mistakes made when training frame that grounds the horses movement which results in reduced quality in forwardness and bend, creates resistance and teaches our horses to fight us. You will learn easy to apply exercises that improve the quality of forwardness, lifts the forehand and develops swing and suppleness.
  • Pole work and grid work. The importance of cross training and using poles and grids to develop regularity, balance and evenness of stride. How poles and grids increase flexion through the hocks and suppleness through the haunches and top line. Why it is important to support the horses movement through engaging their core muscles and how to communicate this to your horse. 

Your commitment to me

  • I am a horse rider who is ready to take my riding to the next level
  • I am a horse rider who is willing to engage in a facebook group and willing to contribute to developing a community of goal orientated successful horse riding athletes.
  • I am a horse rider who is willing to attend a coaching call once a month, (to be arranged with attendees at a time that is most suitable to the group). 
  • I am a horse rider who is ready to commit to the training (I understand life happens and certain things need to be put on hold during more trialling or busy times, but be willing to agree to a bare minimum and keep up with readings or catch up when life is back on track and stay interactive with the group)
  • I am a horse rider who knows there is a better way of training and I am willing to shift my perception of what is possible to what could be possible in a horse human relationship.
  • I am a horse rider ready to challenge my methods and other training methods to create the most holistic approach in the development of the horse human relationship
  • I am a horse rider who will willingly give feedback to better help create more user friendly and easy to apply content to help me in my journey to becoming the ultimate horse riding athlete. 

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About your instructor

Hi! My name is Katie. I've been riding for 23 years now. When I finished school I moved to Brisbane and fell into an amazing role as a horse riding instructor and trainer which I have been doing for the last 11 years while I studied to become a naturopath. Since finishing my study I've been trying to find a way to bring my love for horses and my love for herbs and health together and then I had my epiphany. 

Why don't I offer my health services to horse riders!? 

It made so much sense. I knew all the trials and tribulations horse riders go through (being one myself) and hearing what was limiting my students in their riding I knew this was what I needed to do. 

The common issues that horse riders face, the aches and pains from years of accumulated injuries, the lack of energy and vitality to cope with the long hours training, competing, maintaining paddocks, fencing, poo picking and supporting the overall need for fitness to be an effective rider. Not to mention, most of my students are female and balancing female hormones is what I specialise in, and they are surprisingly easy to treat and manage naturally through herbs and food. 

I created this membership so I can cater to your health, fitness and riding needs. This membership is different from the rest because I take my experience as a riding instructor and naturopath and use it to help you improve your riding skills and your relationship with your horse. I  understand the underlying biochemistry that makes horses behave the way they do AND can help you manage and improve both you and your horses health, fitness and vitality.

Here's what some people are saying about working with me

Within 2 months of working with Katie I could get my Arab mare natty who was head show and didn't like her ears being touched to stand still and put her head down to put her bridle on when I said ‘reigns on’, instead of the usual head throwing, snorting and backing away whenever we had tried before. I can't tell you how happy I was the first time ‘reigns on’ happened without incident, and it still gives me a thrill of accomplishment when she remains relaxed. Within 6 months of lessons, Natty was improving, getting more regular and even in her stride and more cooperative and easier to ride. All this time Katie was ever-mindful of my back issues – but to be honest, ever since working with Katie, I have had only a few relapses of pain due to her lessons encouraging me to strengthen my core and hold my body properly when riding.

12 months down the track and you wouldn’t pick us as the same horse and rider. Natty is developing muscle in areas that is needed to maintain optimal fitness, and she actually looks forward to her weekly lessons. I can use my aids accurately, recognising the evasions that Natty uses (being an Arab and a Mare, sometimes she is crafty!!). My seat is so much more secure. My confidence and knowledge as a rider is tenfold what it could have been without Katie.

Katie has continued to modify our lessons & groundwork so that we are constantly challenged and continue to develop together (even when we do slip ‘backwards’, though she assures us we are moving forward), without creating pain or fear for either of us.

I love my girl, and I love that Katie has helped us create a relationship of love and trust based on that fact that we will always look after each other.

Natty and Sarah


I fulfilled my 18 year dream of equine ownership in September 2014 when I spontaneously adopted Comanche, a badly starved 6 yr old standard bred. High on the exhilaration of owning my own horse the first few months were great. The more TLC he received, the better he looked, the fitter he got and the stronger he became and I started to believe that he could be the horse of my dreams. But then came the "seventh month itch" and my mild mannered standy turned into the spawn of satan. From trying to buck me off when I rode to charging me in the round yard it was quickly becoming clear I was in over my head. I consulted Youtube, Google, God and various arm chair experts with no success. Until a friend suggested Katie. And from the very first lesson our relationship started improving. Katie has a magical way of being able to explain things in a way that is so easy to understand and that anyone can relate to. Katie is our marriage counsellor, personal trainer, psychologist, motivator and riding coach; and we have come such a long way because of her. Whilst we still have a long road ahead of us I am confident that with the skills Katie is teaching us we will be able to handle anything life throws at us. 

Comanche and Monique

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